Todd Hagopian For Corporation Commission

Todd’s Platform consists of 3 planks

  1. Cut the red tape 
  2. Eliminate corruption and stop letting Government pick winners/losers!
  3. Put Oklahoma back to work!

Oklahoma is a fantastic state with a citizenry who love liberty.  Yet, we allow some of our state’s most powerful politicians to pick and choose what companies win and lose in our economy.

What if we decided to LEGALIZE SUCCESS?

I am running for the Corporation Commission because I have seen what Oklahomans are capable of when Government gets out of the way and lets the PEOPLE drive the economy.

I believe that most Oklahomans can agree that they do not want any unneccesary Government, they do not want corruption to determine laws/regulations, and they want candidates who are doing what is in the CITIZEN’S best interest, rather than their own.

These are not controversial ideas, yet they are ideas that have been missing for some time.

You will have multiple choices in this election.  Some of those choices will be folks who have been involved in the Corporation Commission for years.  If you think the current Commission is doing exactly what it needs to, then one of these folks will be the best option for you.

However, if you believe that it is time to take a fresh look at how your tax dollars are being spent, the process at which regulation decisions are being made, and whether Oklahoman’s rights are being put first, then I am offering a new perspective.  The only way to change Government is to challenge the status quo, smash orthodoxies, and do things differently. 

This campaign is about eliminating red tape, eliminating corruption, shrinking government power & putting Oklahomans back to work so that we can emerge victorious post-COVID.

Please honor me by voting for me on November 3rd!