Todd Hagopian For LP Chair!
Professionalize the Organization, Brand the Party, Win Local Elections

Todd’s Platform consists of 3 planks:

  • Professionalize the Party
  • Develop a Core Branded Message
  • Win Local Elections

I am not running to be named best Libertarian in the United States.  There are folks who have lived the platform to the letter for longer than I’ve been alive.

I am not running to be named top activist in the Libertarian Party.  There are people in every state who have put in more activist hours than I have.

I am not running to be named best politician in the Libertarian Party.  I have no desire to run for an office where I am just one vote of many.

I am running because when I see a business that is in trouble, I know that I am the very best person to turn it around.  When I look at the Libertarian Party, I see a party with the best principles, the best people, the best opportunity that we’ve had in the history of our party, and I do not want us to go another cycle without taking advantage of this enormous opportunity.

You will have plenty of choices in this election.  Many of those choices will be between folks who have been involved in the party for years.  If you think the party is headed in the right direction, and at the right speed, then one of these folks will be the best options for your vote. 

However, if you believe that this party needs a fundamental change in direction, a reorganization, and a new revived focus on what is really important, then I would ask you to consider casting your support behind our campaign for the Chair of the Libertarian Party.